Elisabeth Jean-Charles
Doctor of Chiropractic
Elisabeth Jean-Charles

Wellness Care Prevention

Doctor of Chiropractic

Your chiropractor in Paris

My intention

To help each patient experience the expression of his or her full potential and freedom.

My skills

As a first-line therapist you can consult me without a doctor's prescription. I will be able to refer you to another health professional if your case is outside my field of expertise. 

My area of expertise is in the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. I may prescribe therapeutic exercises, provide nutritional information and suggest lifestyle changes.

For each patient I establish a treatment, rehabilitation or prevention plan to maintain optimal health. I work in collaboration with other health professionals in the best interest of my patients.

My training

I trained for 6 years at the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic.

5,500 hours of teaching over 6 academic years, combining practical and theoretical courses

  • 24 months of clinical internship in the IFEC chiropractic care centres, supervised by experienced professionals
  • An internship in a hospital environment (in the Neurology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Imaging departments)
  • In-office assistance from an experienced chiropractor

Theoretical instruction includes :

  • Basic sciences: biochemistry, physiology, pathology, anatomy (about 150 hours of human dissection) neurology
  • Diagnostic Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Learning therapeutic and prevention tools

At the end of the training, I received the chiropractor diploma (registered with the Regional Health Agency) which gives me the right to use the title of Chiropractor according to French regulations, and a certificate of equivalence of the title of Doctor of Chiropractic awarded by the European Academy of Chiropractic (EAC).

My experience

After graduation in 2012, I do some observation internships in Parisian chiropractic offices.

In 2013, I created my company and started by providing care exclusively at home, in Paris and its suburbs, then in 2014 in a medical practice in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. 

In 2016, I leave for 3 weeks in Haiti and finally spend a little less than a year there. I work in Port au Prince in the first chiropractic clinic in Haiti, founded by Doctor Félix Louis. 

Since August 2017 I am back in Paris. I have resumed home and office consultations in the 8th arrondissement.

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