Elisabeth Jean-Charles
Doctor of Chiropractic

Consultation and follow-up for your child

How does your child's first consultation with a chiropractor work?

baby sleeps after chiropractic treatment

Ideally, your child's first consultation with a chiropractor should be attended by the mother.

Your chiropractor will begin by asking you about :
- what prompted the consultation. (for example: you are consulting a chiropractic assessment and initial adjustment following childbirth, or you are consulting a chiropractor because you have noticed something that seems abnormal in your child)
- conception
- the course of the pregnancy for baby and mother
- the course of childbirth for baby and mother
Next, your chiropractor will get to know your child, his or her lifestyle, medical history and family history.

Finally, your chiropractor will examine and care for your child.

How can I prepare my baby for a visit to the chiropractor?

baby chiropractic

The best thing for your child is to choose a schedule that suits his or her rhythm. Your child's visit to the chiropractor should take place at least 1 hour after the last bottle or feed, and outside of naptime.
Allow 45 minutes for the session.

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