Elisabeth Jean-Charles
Doctor of Chiropractic

The care

Manual medicine care

Chiropractic adjustment

spinal manipulation

Your chiropractor performs adjustments. We call it "adjusting". Chiropractic adjustment is a precise, painless procedure. Your chiropractor adjusts after identifying subluxations (or blockages) in the spine and joints of the body.

Chiropractic adjustment aims to restore the circulation of nerve impulses by eliminating interference created by vertebral or joint subluxations and to restore optimal joint mobility.

Massage Therapy

Your chiropractor is trained in therapeutic massage or massage therapy.

Massage therapy promotes, among other things, muscle relaxation, joint well-being, relaxation, elimination of adhesions and toxins, blood and lymphatic circulation. Massage improves immunity.

Massage therapy encompasses a range of massage techniques, such as:

► Pressure treatment of trigger points

Deep transverse massageor deep tissue massage

Draining massage (heavy legs, water retention, edema...)

Palpate and roll


► S liding pressure

► S tretching

Other non-invasive therapies

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasounds act as a micro-massage within the tissues and are very useful for the care of muscles, tendons, fascias, ligaments. 

common indications :

- arthritis, osteoarthritis

- tendinopathy,

- capsulitis,

- bursitis,

- low back pain,

- plantar fasciitis

- epicondylitis

- oedema

- sprain

- muscle relaxation

- Dupuytren's disease


The practice of cardiac coherence

It is a simple technique of rhythmic breathing, close to meditation. It is used in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Cardiac coherence will also help to better manage emotions and stress. 

Chiropractic and sports performance

sports chiropractic

Improvement of sports practice and performance 

Chiropractic care helps

  • cellular metabolism (including nutrition, muscle cell growth)
  • to prepare the body for physical activity  
  • to recover better after the effort  
  • treating sports injuries


In addition to care, your chiropractor will review with you the fundamentals for safe practice and boost your performance.

Chiropractic and rehabilitation

Restoring optimal mobility and flexibility

After surgery, an injury, an immobilization

 Your chiropractor will be able to establish a rehabilitation program with the recommendation of therapeutic exercises specific to your condition. Such as muscle strengthening exercises, stretching and joint mobilization. 

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