Elisabeth Jean-Charles
Doctor of Chiropractic
Elisabeth Jean-Charles

Wellness Care Prevention

Doctor of Chiropractic

Consultation - Follow-up

How does the first consultation go?

It begins with an interview. Thanks to a questionnaire, I find out about your state of health (known illness, current treatment, etc.), your medical and surgical history, your family risks and your lifestyle habits. If you consult for pain, this questionnaire allows me to bring important details that help to find the cause of the pain.

Our first meeting is an opportunity for you to express your health goals.

The interview is followed by an examination (postural, orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic), an analysis of medical images, if you have any in your possession. 

At the end of this examination, I will present you with the results of my analysis and begin the treatment.

The consultation ends with the recommendation of therapeutic exercises and changes in your lifestyle.

These recommendations and therefore your investment are essential for your health!

The number of consultations and the duration of follow-up will depend on your health status and the objectives of the treatment. 

How do I prepare for my first date?

- Allow 45 minutes. 

- Have recent tests available (blood tests, MRI, X-rays, etc.). 

- If the consultation takes place at your home, think about heating the room, you will be more relaxed. 

Chiropractic follow-up: three different phases!

The first phase

This phase corresponds to the beginning of the chiropractic treatment. The objectives of the follow-up are defined with the patient. Often the patient is looking for pain relief, elimination of symptoms, restoration of better mobility. Your chiropractor will try to identify the causes and factors aggravating your condition. At this stage he will work on the "major blockages" in the spine, joints and tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, viscera) that are damaged or dysfunctional. In addition to care, the chiropractor will be able to give you advice and exercises. A short interval between sessions is preferable.  

The second phase or stabilization phase

There is an improvement in the biomechanics of the body we can observe a better mobility, a better muscle tone, an improvement of symptoms, a relief of pain. The objective is to maintain the new balance which is still fragile. 

The third phase or follow-up in prevention

The interest of preventive monitoring is to achieve an optimal state of health and to prevent health problems related to poor spinal hygiene. Your chiropractor will try to identify in your lifestyle habits, your family history, the risk factors for your health. He will work on the biomechanics of the body by adjusting subluxations or blockages in the spine, joints and tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, viscera etc). The chiropractor will be able to advise you for your general well-being. The interval between sessions is defined with the patient to best meet his needs.


  First consultation Follow-up consultation
At home  110 euros                      90 euros
In the office  90 euros                    80 euros

A supplement may be applied for consultations lasting more than one hour, taking place in the evening after 8:00 p.m., on weekends, public holidays, and travel more than 20 minutes from the office.

Method of payment: cash or card

* Reimbursement for chiropractic care

If they are not covered by social security, chiropractic consultations are partially or totally reimbursed by many mutual insurance companies.