Elisabeth Jean-Charles
Doctor of Chiropractic

Scoliosis screening

scoliosis screening

Scoliosis screening

Your chiropractor can screen you for scoliosis. 

Children and adolescents - During growth

Screening is very important during growth because there are non-invasive ways of correcting or slowing the progression of scoliosis. The earlier scoliosis is diagnosed, the better the chances of slowing its progress.

In adults

Screening for scoliosis in adults will help your chiropractor to better understand the biomechanics of your spine (or how your back works), and enable specific treatment better adapted to your needs.

Further examination

After the examination, if your chiropractor suspects scoliosis or a scoliotic attitude, he or she may recommendan X-ray examination of the back or the whole body for diagnosis.

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