Elisabeth Jean-Charles
Doctor of Chiropractic

At home

In Paris, Orléans, and Bourges your chiropractor comes to your home


  • You can call every day for emergency care. As a primary therapist specializing in back and joint care, your chiropractor Elisabeth Jean-Charles will be able to come to your home on an emergency basis* to perform the necessary care.
  • *For an emergency treatment, your chiropractor comes with all the equipment (treatment table, etc.)

The care offered at your home

  • - Chiropractic care 
  • - Massage therapy 
  • - Rehabilitation Program
  • - Ultrasound therapy
  • - Chiropractic Emergency Care
  • - Chiropractic care for all ages, from infants to the elderly, pregnancy care, athletes
  • - EFT (emotional freedom techniques)

Intervention areas and times for your follow-up or an emergency at your home

Paris and its suburbs

Orléans and its neighbouring municipalities

Bourges and its neighbouring towns

For an emergency treatment, your chiropractor will come to you in the evening, at weekends and on public holidays.

Price list


Home consultation



A surcharge may be applied for consultations lasting more than one hour, taking place in the evening after 8pm, on weekends and public holidays, and for consultations in the Paris region that are more than 20 minutes away from the practice.

Payment method: cash or cheque

Reimbursement of chiropractic care

Chiropractic consultations are partially or fully reimbursed by many health insurance companies. Ask your health insurance company for more information.


Chiropractic follow-up at your home

Who is the chiropractic follow-up at home for?

Chiropractic follow-up at home is for everyone. 

What equipment is required for a chiropractic consultation at your home?

No equipment. Your chiropractor moves around with the table and everything else you need. 

What are the differences between a consultation at the office and a consultation at your home?

You're in the comfort of a place you know.  

The care at your home is the same as in the office, since your chiropractor comes with all the necessary equipment.

After the session you are already at home! (no subway, no traffic...) You will be able to enjoy longer the relaxation that the treatment will have brought you.

How long does a chiropractic consultation at your home last?

Home visits take longer than in the office. Count about an hour.

How is the chiropractic follow-up at your home?

To get started, contact your chiropractor to arrange a first appointment. After examining you and knowing your needs, the chiropractor will propose a treatment plan.

Where does your chiropractor travel?

Your chiropractor is available in the Paris region, Orléans and Bourges.

Is the chiropractic consultation at your home covered by your health insurance?

Your mutual insurance company pays for chiropractic care at home in the same way as in the office.

Make an appointment

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