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Doctor of Chiropractic
Elisabeth Jean-Charles

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Doctor of Chiropractic

physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic

Three health professionals who treat with their hands

But who to go to? And why?

If you have a disorder of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system (back pain, knee pain, osteoarthritis, sciatica, headaches, etc.) you have the choice of consulting a physiotherapist (on medical prescription, except in emergencies), an osteopath (without medical advice) or a chiropractor (without medical advice). These three professionals will be able to offer you a treatment plan. 

If rehabilitation is necessary and prescribed by your doctor, the physiotherapist should be consulted.

Which professional is manipulating ("cracking")?

Chiropractors and some osteopaths have been trained in joint and spinal manipulation techniques with high velocity and low amplitude that can produce an audible (or crackling) sound within the joint.

The physiotherapist who has been trained in osteopathic techniques can also manipulate.

Which professional practices massage?

The physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor can massage. Some will prefer other techniques to massage. It is best to ask the therapist directly. 

If you're looking for a "wellness", "preventive", "global" approach...

The osteopath and chiropractor will be able to meet your expectations.

If you are already under the care of a physiotherapist, is it worthwhile to consult a chiropractor?

Of course you did. Chiropractic expertise and care techniques are different and can complement your physiotherapy follow-up. Chiropractic is a global approach : your chiropractor will focus on the biomechanics of the whole body, and your well-being in the broadest sense (social, psychological, emotional and spiritual).

What is the difference between osteopathy and chiropractic?

Two manual health professions that are based on two distinct philosophies. In chiropractic, the spine and its relationship with the nervous system is at the heart of care, whereas in osteopathy it is the mobility of the different structures of the body. In osteopathy as in chiropractic it is a question of supporting the body's innate intelligence (its self-healing capacities).

The training of the osteopath is different from that of the chiropractor.

To obtain the chiropractor or Doctor of Chiropractic diploma, your chiropractor will have followed a 6-year training course that meets the international standards of the profession. 

The care techniques taught in osteopathy are different from those taught in chiropractic. 


Kinesitherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, which treatments are reimbursed?

Only physiotherapy care is covered by social security. For osteopathy and chiropractic, your health insurance company can reimburse part or all of the fees paid.

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